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Title: Mathematical modelling of dispersed phase drop deformation in nano-filled polyner mixture melts
Authors: Rezanova, V. G.
Shchotkina, V. I.
Keywords: математична модель
математическая модель
mathematical model
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Rezanova V. G. Mathematical modelling of dispersed phase drop deformation in nano-filled polyner mixture melts = Математичне моделювання деформування краплі дисперсної фази в розплавах нанонаповнених сумішей полімерів / V. G. Rezanova, V. I. Shchotkina // Вісник Київського національного університету технологій та дизайну. - 2015. - № 3 (86) : Серія "Технічні науки". - C. 209-214.
Abstract: To study using mathematical modeling method of the influence of nano-additive on dispersed phase component drop deformation during polymer dispersion melt flow in the entry area of forming hole. To study the process of drop deformation in a polymer dispersion the mathematical model developed on the standpoint of structural-continual approach was improved. The model takes into account the main provisions of classical fluid mechanics and changes in the structure of the dispersed phase during its flowing. It is shown that the modified mathematical model of deformation of the polymer dispersed phase drop adequately describes the process of structureformation during real nanofilled polymer compositions flowing. The values of polypropylene (PP) drops deformation, calculated using the model, correlate the experimental results: inter-phase tension reduce leads to drops in deformation increase and to the average diameter of PP microfibers reduction. The mathematical model of deformation of dispersed phase polymer drop was improved in order to carry out for theoretical research of nano-filled polymer mixtures. The practical significance. Using the developed mathematical model will accelerate researches and reduce material and energy costs of them.
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