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Title: Thoughts before the magyary public administration program 2020
Authors: Gal, A. L.
Keywords: public administration
governmental work
internal perspective
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Gal A. L. Thoughts before the magyary public administration program 2020 / A. L. Gal // Вісник Київського національного університету технологій та дизайну. - 2015. - № 3 (87) : Серія "Економічні науки". - C. 87-94.
Abstract: Our aim with this study is that the readers who are interested in the Hungarian governmental work of 2010-14, and intend to assess it but are not familiar with reading in Hungarian shall get an easily understandable overview from an internal perspective of the development of Hungarian public administration. In order to achieve the above this essay is a summary of the new approaches that – regarding the re-thinking of the Magyary Programme – are reasonable to be considered at the end of the previous government term and necessary before the EU programming period 2014-20. To this end it continues to develop and elaborates the concept of the Good State of the Magyary Programme, in short it scans the results and deficiencies in certain intervention areas of the past four years (organization-task-procedurestaff). Finally it summarizes the major challenges of a new type of Magyary Programme 2020 in 7 points, which the Hungarian state and Hungarian public administration as a part thereof shall respond to – as far as the author is concerned.
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